Find an organization’s website on your phone. Extract organization’s street address. When you tap on address, does it navigate you to a map? If the address were to be copy pasted then it won’t take you to a map app. This mistake would be costing the business.

Here we will show how to embed Google map iframe

  1. Go to
  2. Type firm’s address in the search box. Google maps will show a pin on the map indicating the location.
  3. Click on sprocket, then select ‘embed map’.
  4. Now, Login to edit website. Copy the text where address displays, then add a link to map.
  5. Save and update.

You can get creative with designing the maps by making it more attractive with different shapes and themes. JavaScript application programming interface is the best way to embed Google map with a specific ID.

You can either embed a static or a dynamic map to your website. Features remain the same, for a static map, the result is non-moving image rather than a real map.

Required parameters to make a static map are latitude for centre of the image, longitude for the centre of the image, zoom of the image, width in pixels, height in pixels, and scale of the image.

Dynamic maps help visitors to locate desired location rather than the static maps. However dynamic maps use cellular data as it has to update at regular intervals. Static map would indirectly affect business as many visitors will not be able to reach to their desired location.

If you have two or more locations, you need make a map instead of a list. To map two or more location type a keyword in search box to locate an address on the map. Then, import a list of locations from CSV, XLSX, and KML file. You can even annotate the map to show biking or driving routes.

To conclude, if you want Google map to embed to website without any efforts, follow the above instructions to go to iframe route.

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